DERRICK FLC 500 Flat Screen can offer you replacement screens for Derrick FLO-LINE Cleaner 503 and 504, FLO-LINE Cleaner 513 and 514 as well as FLO-LINE 503 Drying Shaker.

DERRICK FLC 500 shale shaker

DERRICK FLC 500 shale shaker

FLC500 series screen is one of the most widely applied shaker screens in present oil drilling sites. We can supply our customers with all replacement shaker screens for Derrick FLC500 series shakers and mud cleaners upon your requests.


Our replacement screens consist of 2 to 3 layers which have variable meshes and this will effectively improve screening with accurate mesh combination. The screen is composed of stainless steel wire cloths which are bonded on metal frame.

DERRICK FLC 500 Flat Screen

DERRICK FLC 500 Flat Screen

Single-side tensioning screen panel shortens the replacement time to less than one minute per panel. The screen can be installed on either left or right side of the shale shaker for increase installation versatility.








Derrick FLC500 series shaker

API 20—API 325


27 2/5”x41 3/10”



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