Shale shaker PARTS

Shale Shaker Parts

Tensioning Side Finger Fixed Side Finger Adjusting Bolt For Tensioning Side Adjusting Nut for Tensioning Side Finger Guide Cam Housing Tensioning Side Tensioning Nut Wrench Channel Protector Float Mount 4" Cone Assembly 4" Hydrocyclone Body Thread On Cone Tip Drop In Apex(.625 Adj To .500) Drop In Apex(.500 Adj To .375) Drop In Apex(.375) Triangular Nut 180┬░Victaulic Coupling 10" Desander Cone Upper Section Middle Section Upper Band - LOWER SECTION Apex 1.250 Apex Holder Lower Band

Hydrocyclones Parts

Features : High strength
High wearing-resistance
Light weight
Inflaming retarding character
Advanced Canadian technology
Easy to install and uninstall Benefits : Durable enough
Long usable life
Convenient handling
More safe
Reliable quality
High efficiency and adaptable at oilfield
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